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Myliferevolvesaroundmychildrensoiwillnotacceptanyonethatinterfereswiththat. Ifhewasn'touttravellingconstantlythenIwouldn'thavetobeheresearchingforcasualsex. Icertainlydonotdiscriminateagainstolderguys:). Igetpleasurefromwomentoosoifyouhaveawomanyouwanttobringalongwithyouthatwouldbeaplus. Ifwehaveagoodtimetogetherthenmaybewecoulddoitagain. DiscreetisaMUST&Iprefergettingtoknowyoualittlepriortomeeting...(Safetduh)sopleasefeelfreetotalkfreakytome! mature dating

I really need a little fun!! (Iowa, IA)
Looking to have some nice passionate sex, with a stud looking me in the eyes and mature dating me feel special.

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seeking the moth to my flame (Iowa, IA)
enter me: a swf and bbw. if you're unfamiliar with the latter that means Big and Beautiful, and i am both. and i have no qualms about it, so neither should you. i'm not web dating type to deny myself dessert or that extra cocktail. life is too short to spend everyday counting calories and keeping up in the rat race amongst other women. but i'm cute. really cute. i promise you can leave you beer goggles at home. and i'm generally modest despite this sales pitch. i have a passionate curiosity about everything and yet nothing in particular. i'm drawn to people with inclinations that i lack. artists, musicians, teachers, adventure seekers. not seeking a marriage proposal but ultimately i'm looking for an authentic and lasting connection.now enter you: someone genuinely attractive. i'm a sucker for pretty face and a sweet ass. i like classically handsome men as well as the more alternative types. tattoos while not required are a turn on and not off. and while i don't necessarily seek a narcissist, there is something very appealing about restrained arrogance. confidence is sexy! please be under 40, over 25. my sexual preference is for white men, so apologies if that rules you out. unconventional, non-judgmental, smart, nerdy, are all characteristics that will bump you to the front of the line, and hopefully you possess a few of these qualities. really looking for someone to connect with on a cerebral level as well as physical. i'd like you to be able to indulge me in pillow talk post coitus. so if you do not include an intelligent response when you reply, i will likely not be interested. unless you are outrageously good looking, in which case i am shallow enough to be persuaded. hah. please note the category in which this is posted. i am NOT looking for a casual encounter. or fwb. or anything else with no strings attached.when you respond make sure to include a picture. and not one of your genitals (seriously. don't do it.) no pic, no reply, no exceptions - pretty simple right? you should probably read this message twice before responding to be sure that you're a good fit. reading comprehension is important! otherwise your fate will be the trash bin. i'm not saying this to be snarky, but just in hopes that you guys will read what i have written here.this is not for tonight, but hopefully in the very near future after we've corresponded enough that i have some sense of who you are. please don't waste my time like past suitors who have exchanged emails for days, making tentative plans, only to disappear. be a man of action!

If You're Looking For Sexy U Found It! 7svn6 8two7eght (Iowa, IA)
Are you ready to have a good time with a sexy girl?I'm MiMi... Call me U host... I'm mature sex dating SvnSvn6 8fiveForOh

Where things go ? (Iowa, IA)
I'm looking for serious date with an attractive man. I am open to see where things go. I'm not looking for a mature dating hook up. I want to be flirtedwith him. Please respond with a pic if you're interested insetting up a date. :) Hope to hear from you!

Although I have to admit my man is 18 yrs older, I don't think at his age he's gonna tell me he doesn't want to be on the receiving end. A fact of this I know, especially when you wake up to one stuck in your face.

Looking for someone to experience some much needed intimacy (Iowa, IA)
I'm searching for a man who handsome, at least 5'10, non-smoker, cut and ready to go.I'm not looking for a man who is under 47 and please don't be over 59. Drinking and a little 420 is cool with me but hate to kiss a cigarette!I have one problem. My ex-husband gave me herpes. I have not tried to dateanyone for a LONG LONG TIME. It's beginning to make me slightly crazy. We used to have sex dating online every day and for a while after our breakup I was fine doing without.My play toys work great but I need the touch of a real man. Hope to hear from you soon..Millicent

Its always a good time (Iowa, IA)
Make time for a pretty, soft and in charge BbW. I will treat you right and in return you treat me the way a woman deserves to be treated I am not perfect anymore, but I am not dead either. So step it mature dating services over the age of 35 and mature.

trade some slutty ex/gf/wife pics? (Iowa, IA)
Anybody want to trade some slutty ex/gf/wife pics? Share a story, swingers greatly appreciated! PS - If I'm slow to respond, it's because I'm being bombed with responses, and trying mature dating write back to those who write. Also, lots of you are going to s [...]